3 Tips to Maintaining Your Jewelry

BELLE x GRACE   |   April 7th, 2024

Even the highest quality of jewelry needs to be treated with care so you can get the most out of your favourite pieces. Luckily, maintaining your jewelry isn’t hard! You just have to be consistent. Here are our 3 tips to keeping your jewelry looking its best: 

Store your jewelry in appropriate holders and pouches

Storing your jewelry in dedicated holders or pouches offers numerous benefits that go beyond mere organization. Firstly, it shields your precious pieces from the accumulation of dust, a common culprit behind the loss of shine and dullness over time. By maintaining a clean environment within the pouches, your jewelry remains radiant and ready to dazzle at any moment.

Secondly, proper storage ensures your jewelry remains untangled and unscratched. Gone are the days of spending an absurd amount of time just detangling your favourite jewelry from each other. With designated pouches, each piece finds its place securely, safeguarding them from scratches and snags.

It’s a good thing to know that all jewelry pieces ordered from BELLE x GRACE come with a complimentary jewelry pouch to keep your favourite items in their best condition! We also sell these pouches separately, found here

Clean your jewelry regularly

Our jewelry is meant to be worn everyday being hypoallergenic, made out of stainless steel, and nickel-free. So quite naturally, jewelry worn for long periods of time can result in a buildup of dust, oil, and other residues. Hence, a little bit of warm water, gentle soap, and a soft cloth would do the trick of keeping your jewelry looking its best!

Have you ever wondered if your jewelry will lose its luster when it encounters water? While that concern holds true for numerous pieces, rest assured, ours are water-resistant! So feel free to wash your jewelry as frequently as you like—no need to worry, it'll retain its stunning appearance every time.

Avoid wearing jewelry in harsh conditions or environments

Running a marathon? Decide on taking kickboxing classes? Is dirt biking your thing? If you find yourself participating in activities that require excessive movement and a high chance of snug and tug on bodily jewelry, we highly recommend storing your jewelry aside during these activities. 


You don’t need a fancy jewelry container to store your jewelry. As mentioned earlier, every BELLE x GRACE order comes with a complimentary jewelry pouch (which also works as a polisher!). We also sell these pouches separately in case you want to stock up on more! You can find those here.

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